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As you might imagine, 4/20 and the week following are interesting ones for my husband, Dr. Christian Thurstone, and me.

This morning, Chris, medical director of one of Colorado’s largest adolescent substance-abuse-treatment programs, was off to the races with parents who live in Denver and had to make an emergency round-trip flight to California to bring home their college-student son, whose latest weed bender “in celebration” nearly killed him. The return flight will touch down soon — and I only can imagine how scared this mom and dad are right now.

Tell them they’re just experiencing a little “Reefer Madness” and that their son’s weed use is a phase he’ll grow out of.

Meanwhile, I woke to a torrent of weirdo, menacing mail aimed at that “other folder” on Facebook I check occasionally because it’s important for Chris and me to track the threats we receive.
Yes, we receive threats. Lots of them.

No need for me to share the most worrisome ones — which are being addressed. I think this agitated string from Mr. Daniel Vollman, posted below, is illustration enough. Take a look at the time stamps. Clearly, my recent Facebook posts about marijuana have irritated him — for hours … Poor guy.

No, really. Poor guy. This isn’t normal. This isn’t healthy. This isn’t something to shrug off. He’s writing strangers at all hours to defend his love of weed — and to spew the usual hokum about how the drug cures absolutely everything and is the answer to all of the world’s problems. I have no idea why he’s so bent out of shape about the state of Kentucky. I’m certainly not wild about him wishing death to my family and me.

So, let’s just say that when people insist pot users are merely “mellow;” “peaceful;” “harmless;” “better than drunks and crackheads;” and never, ever aggressive, violent or dangerous, I must differ.
I wish nothing but good things for this young man. I honestly hope he has family and friends who are paying attention to his drug use, concerned about it — and looking to get him some help. I wish for him faith, hope and love.

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