Denver Health bucks national healthcare trends

Apr 17, 12 Denver Health bucks national healthcare trends

Psychiatric hospitals for adults are closing. Psychiatric hospitals for kids? They’re even more difficult to find these days. They don’t make enough money. Getting insurance to cover the costs of psychiatric treatment is, well, let’s just leave it at “difficult.”

So, Denver Health — which is one of the hospitals my husband, Dr. Christian Thurstone, serves — deserves a great deal of respect for bucking this sad and sorry trend in healthcare. Last fall, it opened a new behavioral health services building at 723 Delaware St. in Denver. Already, the service, which offers 12 in-patient beds and will add four more later this year, is continuously at capacity.

Dr. Robert House, director of Denver Health’s behavioral health department, and Dr. Vincent Collins, the department’s associate director pictured above, do a great job of putting the new building and the services it offers into perspective for The Denver Post. Thanks to’s Joe Vaccarelli for reporting the story.

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