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We cover a wide range of subjects that matter to children and adolescents — and to adults who love and care for them. Sometimes our writing speaks directly to young people. Other times, it’s aimed at the, ahem, “older crowd.” Either way, we hope you’ll check in regularly to see what’s new, share your perspective and ask questions. Sometimes, we’ll even feature Dr. T’s responses to the questions he receives, so feel free to add yours to the pile.

Dear Dr. T: ‘I’m late to graduate’

Dear Dr. T: I’ve been hiding a secret from all of my friends. I’m a senior, and I’m not graduating from high school this year. It’s a long story, but I didn’t pass a lot of my classes. I’m not sure how to tell my friends, and I feel like graduation is a ticking time...

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Clearing the Haze is a guide designed to help parents determine whether their child may have a substance problem and, if so, how to begin to address it. This book includes the voices and insight of experts in substance abuse counseling, young people in recovery, and parents who have lived the nightmare of adolescent addiction.

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