Denver crime rate up almost 7 percent

We can’t say what has caused Denver’s overall crime rate to jump — but we know crime here isn’t down.

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Colorado, Washington omitted from CDC analysis

The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBS) produced by the Centers for Disease Control is one of the nation’s longest-running and most extensive efforts to monitor health-risk behaviors contributing to the leading causes of death for children and young adults. Drug use — specifically, marijuana use — is...

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Jacob Lavoro and pot brownies

Judging from today’s news reporting, the story is fairly simple and goes like this: A Texas teenager with no criminal record faces from five years to life in prison for allegedly making and selling pot brownies. Possession of up to 2 oz. of marijuana in its dried-plant form is a misdemeanor in that state. However, possession...

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Rob Corry: Pot’s fearless leader

Why is Colorado lawyer Rob Corry still permitted to practice law? And what else has to happen before he recognizes his life is a far greater cause to champion than marijuana legalization? Mr. Corry, 46, is one of the nation’s prominent voices supporting marijuana legalization and among Colorado’s top pot lawyers, taking...

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Breathes, er, Boyd blows it

Aug 22, 13 Breathes, er, Boyd blows it

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Denver’s alt-weekly newspaper, Westword, is heavily subsidized by the marijuana industry — so of course it has a pot critic who basically gets high for a living to enlighten the rest of us about Colorado dispensaries and whether this strain of weed is better than that one. Surely, his “Toke of the Town” blog...

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