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Marijuana & Child, Adolescent Development

Dr. Christian Thurstone has summarized and sourced some key medical research findings concerning marijuana's impact on children from pregnancy through adolescence. He regularly presents this information and invites people with questions to reach him through this website,

Social Costs of Marijuana

Dr. Thurstone presented most of this information to a committee of the Denver City Council on March 11, 2013. Because of time constraints during that public meeting, he did not address all of the information on the slides presented here.
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Marijuana Grow Operation Destroyed

Local, state and federal authorities teamed July 15, 2012 to destroy a black-market marijuana grow operation outside Pueblo, Colo. Officials valued the growing fields -- which stretched across rugged terrain on privately owned property -- at a minimum of $11 million and said they were the work of a Mexican drug cartel.
Rugged Terrain
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How Marijuana Harms Adolescents

Dr. Thurstone presented these slides during the Marijuana Prevention Summit attended by more than 100 people in Denver on July 31, 2012. If you have questions about this information, please contact him.
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Dr. House and Chris
Dr. House and Chris
Dr. Robert House, left, is chief of psychiatry at Denver Health and Hospital Authority and a colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves. He is preparing to commission Dr. Christian Thurstone as an Army major. Dr. Thurstone serves as medical director of Denver Health's adolescent substance abuse program. He is the only psychiatrist scheduled to be admitted to the United States' military in 2012. He answered the calling out of grave concern for active and retired military personnel -- who are reporting mental health care needs at staggering rates.
Chris and Christie
Chris and Christie
Dr. Thurstone and his wife, Christine Tatum Thurstone. They're quite the team -- and the voices powering
Stethoscope2 copy.jpg
Stethoscope2 copy.jpg
The U.S. Army presented Dr. Thurstone with a stethoscope. Make that a really nice stethoscope. As in $600 nice. (Thank you, America! Dr. T. really DID need a new one ...)
With Brian and Julia
With Brian and Julia
Brian Milton, left, and Julia Timmerman, right, flank Dr. Thurstone in celebration of today's big step. Both are longtime and dear friends. Brian is a certified addictions counselor who works alongside Chris in Denver Health's Substance Abuse Treatment, Education and Prevention Program. Julia is a licensed clinical social worker who also serves STEP.

Stay Motivated

Swedish artist Marcus Mårtenson spent a good deal of his childhood in the United States. Don't let his cartoonish imagery fool you: this series, "Stay Motivated," is an insightful look at serious problems of the mind, body, heart and soul that are often exacerbated by today's highly charged media and politics. These works, many purchased by private collectors, exhibited at the Angelika Knäpper Gallery in Stockholm April 12 - May 20, 2012.
Marcus Mårtenson and Dr. Chris Thurstone

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